Trailer and Pilot Episode 0

Hello, Everyone! Here are our show notes from the Trailer and Pilot Episode Zero.

Mindful Advocacy© records its first episode on November 29th, 2018 and entitles it: “Our Letter to You.”

Dear Mindful Advocacy Listener,

You may remember me from high school or college. In fact, I was that girl nominated for homecoming queen at Azusa Pacific in 2011. LOL. Things were mostly great, until a year later when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. It was a genetic predisposition that was catalyzed into effect when I was over-prescribed an antidepressant. It seems you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. All I’m saying is I greet you from a place of understanding and ultimately, support. My name is Sara Paye and I’m stopping by your place this afternoon with a handful of my closest friends (experts in experience) to see if you’d like to meet for a few cups of tea. We’ve heard you’ve been feeling off lately. You’ve been forgetful, slow, unconcerned with your favorite things. Yeah, we GET that… for sure. We can uncover a white flag of truth or two about this whole sitch. It ain’t easy, though. I see you hitting that snooze button over and over again. Your comforter is cozy, but the weight pulling you into the mattress isn’t quite the same you’ve felt before… it’s a new and unwelcome heaviness… and it’s overbearing. Chaos of to-do lists fill your mind with racing thoughts about what could be or should be. You’re twenty or nearly thirty or even more seasoned than that… but walloring in your inner 13-year-old self, battling the confusion of some feelings, fears, and straight-up annoying people problems. You are isolated in a tower of brick walls you’ve put up for yourself. You’d rather not reach out to your BFF right now. Because that girl always looks happy on insta and maybe she just doesn’t understand the grit of life like you do. You’d rather hide and yet you want to be okay with it all. You won’t get out of bed because you don’t know the reason why you should yet. Don’t know where to start? Take a big deep belly breath and begin with listening to a tale not unlike your own journey; the collective narratives, timelines and battle cries of your fellow mindful advocates. Here, we say the scary stuff aloud. We air it out to dry and address that enormous heffalump (or woozle) in the room: our very own personal and specific hang-ups. Tell us your wildcard questions and we’ll show you our scars. You will learn from our struggles and triumphs, woes and wins, so that you don’t have to painfully survive, but can thrive and bloom in the comfort of your own skin. Make space for yourself to think about this, to be still, and to believe that an army of hopeful soldiers are fighting with you. And here’s a tip for mobilization: It starts with shaking yourself free from those dusty doubts and seeing the glimmering light in your own eyes. Time to feed yourself a little reminder that you’re not alone, and that you will always be your own strongest advocate. Thanks for tuning in.




I greet you from a place of understanding… and ultimately, support.


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